If your current software system is having teething problems no longer fit for the needs of a growing company, or on its last legs.

Our highly experienced development team can help you find flexible solutions to improve, optimise, reinvent, or replace your current system.

Ongoing support

While software needs constant care and attention to perform efficiently, this doesn’t have to be a stressful or expensive process. We keep your system up-to-date and running like a dream through automated testing and continuous delivery process. We do this through a process so seamless that you’ll barely notice it happening - except to enjoy the results.

Identifying and improving outdated ‘legacy’ systems

Often, projects are rushed through using software that fits the bill at the time, but begins to buckle under the strain as new features are developed. If software is not skillfully maintained and updated, it can rapidly become a legacy system and a liability, creating a barrier to progress. On the other hand, replacing and upgrading software systems can be a huge financial and time commitment, holding innovative business back from accessing opportunities. At Averment, we’re hugely experienced in dealing with legacy systems, and can help you find the gaps in technical ability, quality, and experience in your existing software. We can also assess whether to refactor, modernize, or replace your current system in a way that minimizes disruption to day to day working life, along with maximizing value and potential. The end result? An ability to access wider markets and bigger opportunities at speed, with greater confidence.

Optimising processes

The unglamorous and often neglected aspect of software management is in the process - often involving quality assurance and release management. Software that works well and is loved by users can, and does fail if its quality can’t be assured and new versions are not regularly updated - an often long and drawn-out process that requires lots of manpower. The multi-disciplinary team at Averment can help unlock the vast potential of your software by automating the verification and release process of your software, building development pipelines that ensure quality through the lifecycle of the software system with quantifiable metrics.

Building confidence through verification

Releasing unverified software to the market is a huge gamble that can result in loss of reputation and customer retention. We will work with you to devise, automate, and implement test processes for software systems, providing detailed reports and metrics that give you and your customers the confidence that’s vital to long-lasting loyalty and success. With extensive experience in quality assurance, our highly skilled engineers use the latest technologies, frameworks, and components to create solutions that combine ease of use with modern design and high performance.

Continuously integration and deployment

Whether your software is a simple, standalone web or mobile application, or a multi-dependency stack, releasing it to the market should be a highly organized and well-thought out process that’s easily repeatable and instantly reversible, should something go awry. With automated development pipelines (continuous integration) our team will help you streamline the release process for your software. Continuous deployment can then automate this process, ensuring it’s fast and easy to repeat, as well as building fail safe mechanisms to roll it back quickly and without fuss, minimizing the downtime clients experience and further instilling confidence in your users. Averment offers full software support or assistance with any part of the process, allowing you to take control and choose the level of help you require. Get in touch today, and together, we’ll build a bespoke programme that works for your business.

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