Averment Digital serves clients like you - ambitious, fast-growing SMEs who need efficient, cost-effective, scalable software, web, and mobile solutions.

Instead, we share our expertise with small businesses who don’t have limitless resources to pour into IT projects, and who need specialist support and guidance to achieve the growth and success they deserve.

Working with compact companies also means less red tape, allowing us to offer flexible solutions that make a faster, bigger impact.

We’re a great fit with companies in the health, scientific, and eCommerce industries, but what you do is less important than the results we can deliver your business.

If we don’t think we can add value - we won’t try to sell you our services. If we do, we’ll clearly explain your options, putting you firmly in control.

We combine decades of industry experience with a genuine passion for all things technological. If we can use the latest tech to build successful businesses, we’re living the dream.

We’re a small but mighty team, dedicated to helping your company achieve its goals through planning and implementing new projects, revisiting and revising existing activities, and providing skilled, on-going support to keep you on track.

Our small business values combined with big ambitions help us build long-term partnerships, not client lists.

Our Digital Consultancy Approach

At Averment, we promise to find a project management process that fits your business's unique needs and values.

We keep our clients in close contact with our core team and the highly capable people we've hand-picked to assist with their projects.

You won't be assigned a mysterious account manager, bypassing the team on the ground doing the detailed work - direct communications are crucial for your confidence and our progress.
Instead, we’ll work in close collaboration to keep you informed and updated on the momentum of your projects, step by step and as often as you need.

Don't be fooled - while our processes are flexible and bespoke, they're also lean and mean, maximising productivity and minimising waste. Expect effective software solutions delivered in record time without compromising on quality.

At Averment, we live and die by our root values because they translate as clear benefits for your customers.

We're collaborators

Our inclusive approach means you’ll be up to date with your project's progress at every stage, and we're all in if you have ideas or inspiration to inform the design or performance of your app or software.

We're flexible

We listen, observe, and never shy away from changing direction if that's what it takes to achieve the best possible results for your business.

We're inquisitive

Because this helps us work on the root causes of issues rather than applying a temporary fix. We want to know the why, the when, and the how to design a perfect solution to eliminate niggles

We're transparent

We provide unlimited access to project progress through hosted tests sites and cloud documents, as well as constant communication, to help every client understand what’s going on behind the scenes and what we're doing to reach that finish line.

Team Meet the Averment Digital Transformation Consultants

Alongside a select team of core staff, we combine our resources with a network of talented freelancers and contractors, bringing you the skill and expertise your project needs at a fraction of the horrifying costs you probably expect!

Ecommerce consultancy, responsive web design and quality apps shouldn't cost the earth, and nor will they if you work with Averment - we recognise the challenges of driving growth with a limited budget. Our job is to find solutions to make every penny count.

We've shared a little background below about our key team members, who enjoy a (mildly worrying) interest in online gaming, and awful music alongside their genuine joy in delighting small businesses with impeccable solutions: