What does ‘Averment’ mean?

A photograph of the author: Phillip Whitaker

By: Phillip Whitaker

Hello 👋, if you’ve been following our medium posts over the past couple of weeks you might be wondering, what does Averment actually mean?

Averment stands for a positive assertion or a positive statement of facts. When deciding upon our brand name we thought that this definition fit what we wanted to represent as a digital agency delivering software and anything web.

As a digital agency, Averment strive to develop partnerships and not just a client list. In order to do this we needed a strong positive brand message, we strive to be bold, amazing, daring, outrageous and all things in between.

Part of the principles at Averment are being affordable whilst delivering quality IT service solutions, we communicate clearly, frequently and quickly. Honesty is very important with us — whether that is to discuss capabilities and/or limitations. We believe that hiding away from issues or overstating expectations will only lead to problems later in the development cycle. We are honest and will always strive to partner with the highest level of integrity.

These principles all tie back in to our definition of Averment — a positive statement of fact. When we work with our partners, we want them to always feel they have had a positive quality service delivered. Everytime. That is a fact.

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