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Pool Diligence

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Pool Diligence.

Pool Diligence is a hot tub monitoring and control system that allows operators of hot tubs to automate the analysis of water quality as well as conducting maintenance tasks. The system is modulated to support each of the functions required; Draining, Filling, Heating and Floating.

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop a comprehensive management dashboard that connects to the Pool Diligence hardware over the internet. The dashboard had to support a multitude of different access rights, data processing and security requirements.

The Solution

Averment developed a bespoke, management platform that enables site owners, pool managers and engineers to administer each of the pool sites. The software application manages aspects such as pool management, reporting, alerting and remotely initiating maintenance tasks.

The dashboard is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. The data from each tub is presented in real-time to detect problems, trends or to setup automatic alerts. Engineers can click on a specific tub for detailed graphical information and time stamped status changes. As well as generate maintenance and customer quality assurance reports for auditing purposes.

Pool Diligence hot tub
Pool Diligence website stats example
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Automated Alerts
  • Remote Pool Management
  • Admin / Client / Engineer Access
  • Audit Report Exports
Pool Diligence website alert example