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Obstruction Notices for Worksite360

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Obstruction Notices for Worksite360

Worksite360 is an existing management tool used by by the construction industry, that allows planning and management of an entire job with a full view of the landscape across all onsite workers and contractors.

The Challenge

Averment were challenged to develop a tablet application, specifically for the Android market which would sync with an existing piece of software that tracks Obstruction Notices. The requirements provided by the client were to allow site foreman to identify any obstructions that may have been left by onsite members of staff. This was a two-step process, firstly an obstruction would be raised, for example, Contractor 1 may have left his roll of cable on the floor creating an obstruction. The site foreman would need to log this and give the Contractor a window of time to clear their obstruction.

Finally, if the obstruction was not cleared within the given amount of time then the second step was logging labour and cost information required to clear the obstruction by the foreman.

The Solution

Using the Ionic/Angular open source platforms, Averment created an easy to use methodical application that would eliminate problems for the foreman that would affect the productivity in their day to day lives. the app made it easier for the foreman to plan what they were doing with certain obstructions on site and made it easy for them to hold people accountable for certain areas and tasks during the day and work out costs of hiring workers to complete tasks, which would boost the overall productivity of the work site. The application was created so that it would be able to function without an internet connection so if the foreman was in an area with poor signal they would still be able to complete their work and sync the information when they came back into an area with a connection at a later time.

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