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The "isVe?" application allows the user to scan any UPC barcode to check whether the product is vegan-friendly, vegetarian-friendly and whether the product contains palm oil. The app is great if you are interested in eliminating animal products from your diet.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a simple, free to use vegan and vegetarian application in two weeks ready for veganuary, that would allow the user to scan a UPC barcode. With this barcode, the app would determine the dietary status and whether the product was vegan and vegetarian friendly. The contents of the product needed to also be reviewed to show whether they include other undesirable ingredients like palm oil.

The Solution

Using the latest and greatest in developer tools such as Expo, Averment worked swiftly on creating the "isVe?" application, as veganuary was fast approaching. The application needed to be simple and easy to use, yet still, implement more complex features such as being able to manually add ingredients into a scanned product entry. Since the release of the application which is available on both android and IOS, has received over 200 downloads and an overall rating of five stars in the space of two weeks. To conclude the app has been a great success with these figures and reviews ever growing each day.

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