Like human beings, software works best when it can communicate easily and effectively.

If you’re wasting time and making costly mistakes toggling between multiple sources of information, we can help you ditch the ‘copy / paste’ approach, and start integrating your software systems to become fully automated, synchronize data, and monitor performance.

Process Automation

We’ll help you step back from a manual process to fully automate data capture and transfer between multiple systems, plugging the costly and dangerous gap between company departments and functions. Not only will this process free up everybody’s time and increase operational efficiency across the board, it will also iron out a huge range of data inconsistencies and issues.

Our experienced team has worked on a wide range of enterprise systems integration projects, covering CRM, ERP, and finance systems, incorporating offline data sources like Excel documents and archaic paper-based processes with ease.

Chat integration

We’ll put you firmly in control and help you get the best from your Microsoft Teams or Slack workspaces by integrating them with your existing software systems. Joined up thinking that creates harmony and efficiency in your daily dealings.

Data Synchronisation

Looking at how to simplify your workflows and processes, we’ll find the best way to communicate with current or proposed software infrastructure. This will include identifying how triggers and events are raised, examining how to query system updates, and focusing on developing an understanding of the internal processes fired as part of calls to software interfaces.

Finance Integration

Imagine never having to manually enter invoice details again. We can make this distant dream a beautiful reality, by integrating your software with an existing accounts system - whether you’re working with Xero, Freeagent, or Sage.

Monitoring and reporting

When working with a range of independent systems, it can be difficult to step back and see the big picture. We’ll help you understand and interpret your data at a glance, with custom designed dashboards that offer a real-time view of system links and integration issues, trigger events, and provide an audit history of batch transfers. Using the data gathered, we’ll also help you design and implement automated or manual workflows that resolve performance or software interface-related issues. If your software systems aren’t playing nicely, get in touch with our dedicated software integration team to find a more harmonious way of working, today.

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