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HTML Email Signature developed & tested (60 + email clients)

We will design and develop your email signature from scratch based on your branding and identity. Ensuring that your company has a strong and consistent identity in your all email communications.

Key Features

  • Personalized HTML email signature designed and developed with all your contact information and standard legal notice
  • Professional hand-coded HTML email signature, uniquely designed for your needs
  • 10x variations of the email signature for different people (using the same core design)
  • Included standard legal notice / terms & conditions
  • Fully responsive design so your signature looks the same for all recipients
  • Instructions provided for setting up your new email signature
  • Tested on over 60+ email clients using Litmus with test report evidence attached

We will provide 10 variations of the email signature for you and your colleagues and provide you with instructions on how to create more, saving you further costs.

None of the HTML email signatures we provided derive from templates. Ensuring you have a unique and professional email signature.


  • Bespoke HTML email signature
  • Litmus report showing the email in 60+ viewports

The Process

  1. Process your payment by clicking 'Buy Now' above
  2. Within 2 hours you will be emailed by Brandon Whitaker with a short questionnaire form
  3. Within 48 hours you will receive your HTML email signature and report

£250.00 +VAT

£300 inc. VAT

Brandon Whitaker

Product Owner

Delivered within 48 hours

Money back guarantee