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How Averment created a digital tool to check for asbestos in buildings

Phillip Whitaker

Phillip Whitaker

Tuesday, May 26th 2020

How Averment created a digital tool to check for asbestos in buildings


SurveyIT were looking for a mobile cross-platform application to assist surveyors in inspecting buildings for asbestos. We created an app which works across Android and Apple devices and generates reports from the field.

The Process

SurveyIT offers a complete asbestos management solution. They needed a flexible app that would work with their existing systems to record field data from surveyors returning from inspection trips to produce comprehensive reports which quantified the risk to people in the building.

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Averment working in partnership with SurveyIT

The Challenges

The initial issue was that the application had to work both online and offline. The workflow is both online and locally stored in the surveyor’s device so these had to sync up.

The application was developed using the ionic framework, an open-source software development kit, which meant that it could easily be used across both iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

It also needed to interface with an already-developed web application and API where admins were able to log in and generate PDF reports based on the information surveyors would be providing using the app. It was also imperative that the app could work both online and offline as surveyors could be in a location with poor network availability. When connectivity is restored the app automatically syncs back to the web app, thus ensuring no data is lost.

Weekly virtual meetings were held with the client to gain an understanding of surveying asbestos. The app calculates risk assessment and material scores from information entered by the surveyor. The design team also had to be aware of the legal requirements concerning this dangerous material. Security and encryption are important features as with all confidential business information.

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The Results

The app significantly reduces the time spent manually producing reports allowing the surveyor more time in the field to conduct surveys.

It uses the latest web technology enabling its users to manage and have complete confidence in the security of their data from any network-connected device.

The benefits are increased efficiency, resulting in cost savings over a legacy paper-based method. Automated scoring produces hard data which enables effective risk management and swift action where necessary.

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